Health Insurance and Emergency Medical Evacuation

The UF International Center (UFIC) requires that all study abroad students are covered by international health insurance with emergency medical evacuation while abroad. Please see enrollment policies for the different types of programs UF offers.

UF Sponsored Programs

All students who participate in a UF sponsored program will be covered by either Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) or the insurance that our logistical partner will offer. The cost associated with the CISI coverage is included in the program fee.

Exchange Programs

All students who participate in a reciprocal exchange program will be enrolled in Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). The cost associated with this policy is $ 39.38 per month.

Non-UF Programs

Students who participate in selected approved non-UF programs that provide adequate insurance, will be covered through the program's insurance and not through UFIC. Below is a list of such providers whose policies meet UF requirements for health insurance. UF students going on these programs will not be enrolled in CISI.

  • AIFS (American Institute for Foreign Study)
  • API (Academic Programs International)
  • ASA (Academic Studies Abroad)
  • Arcadia University
  • Barcelona SAE
  • Boston University
  • Brigham Young University
  • CAPA International Education
  • CEA (Cultural Experiences Abroad)
  • CET Academic Programs
  • CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange)
  • CISabroad
  • DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia
  • FAU (Florida Atlantic University)
  • FGCU (Florida Gulf Coast University)
  • FIU (Florida International University)
  • FSU (Florida State University)
  • IAU College
  • IES Abroad (Institute for the International Education of Students)
  • IFSA Butler (Institute for Study Abroad - Butler University)
  • ISA (International Studies Abroad)
  • SAI
  • Semester at Sea
  • SIT Study Abroad
  • TEAN (The Education Abroad Network)
  • UCF (University of Central Florida)
  • UGA (University of Georgia)
  • UM (University of Minnesota)
  • UNF (University of North Florida)
  • USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium)
  • USF (University of South Florida)

Students on non-UF programs that do not offer sufficient insurance will be enrolled in Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI). For more information on CISI please click here for our International Insurance Policy. For students who are a studying on a semester program in Spain that is longer than 90 days, please click here for the International Insurance Policy for Spain.