US Export Controls - Responsibilities of Faculty, Staff and Students

It is the policy of University of Florida to comply fully with all federal and state laws pertaining to export controls. All UF projects and programs must adhere to the UF Export Control Policy and all applicable laws, including the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and all sanctions and embargoes administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC).

The Export Control Officer within UF Research Integrity, Security and Compliance (UF RISC) serves as the institutional expert on export control laws and regulations and is responsible for managing controlled research and applying for government licenses on behalf of UF. UF RISC is here to provide export control guidance to faculty, staff and students.

See: UF Research Integrity – Export Control Policy

International Travel Screening and Visitor Policy

If you plan to travel abroad, please review the UF Travel webpage for travel policy information and updates on new state requirements. If you are traveling with a UF-owned item (e.g. your UF-owned laptop, tablet, or hard drive), visit the myAssets Portal to submit a foreign travel request prior to departure.  

If you plan to host collaborators or visitors from abroad, or host foreign nationals, please should review UF Visitor Policy to ensure compliance with U.S. export controls, trade sanctions, embargoes and state statute.  Additional information on the UF Visitor review process can be located on the International Scholar Visit webpage.

Contact UF RISC ( if you have any questions.

UF Export Control Regulations

Prior to shipping, transmitting or transferring certain sensitive items, technology or software to foreign persons or entities you should first review the UF Export Control website in order to ensure compliance with export controls laws. Guidance regarding the International Trade in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) is located on this page.  In addition, the UF Export Control Brochure provides a great overview into how export control regulations apply to UF.

Contact UF RISC ( if you have any questions.

Animal and Plant Inspection Service by USDA

Prior to importing animal and/or plant material, please review USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service website for information.

Sanctioned Countries

In order to comply with UF Policy and federal regulations, members of the UF community who will be traveling to any "comprehensively sanctioned country" must contact the UF Export Control Officer at before:

  • departing,
  • engaging with and individual or entity located in a sanctioned country, or
  • committing to payments or paying for travel or travel-related costs with funds from any source (federal, private, state or other) that pass through any UF account (including at the UF Foundation).

Federal and state law impose restrictions on activities and travel involving these countries. A state statute prohibits use of any funding (from any source: federal, private, state or other) that passes through any UF account (including the UF Foundation) for travel and travel-related costs to or in embargoed countries. 

Shipping, Export and Import

Information about best practices and UF regulations for shipping and transporting dangerous goods and hazardous materials.

Avoid and prevent:

  • Refusal of package by the carrier
  • Delays & potential spoilage of package contents
  • Exposure of personnel to hazards
  • Contamination of the environment
  • Damage to aircraft or other property
  • Seizure of the material by authorities
  • Fines / potential criminal liability for you the shipper, or the University

Contact: Sharon Judge or