Research Abroad for Doctoral Students

At the International Center, we believe that students conducting international research need resources that enable on the ground and real time fieldwork. 

In our continued efforts to contribute to the research community at the University of Florida, we are committed in our support of international graduate education.  Through the RADS program, we provide a unique opportunity for research conducted in international settings.  New discoveries cannot stem from literature reviews, class lectures, and second hand experiences. Often, students need the exposure, experience and data that only may be obtained by international fieldwork and, one size does not fit all.

RADS provides travel and funding for accommodations for doctoral students to travel abroad to collect data or to access resources not available on campus. The extent of time can range from one week to several months. This opportunity can provide access to human subjects, physical specimens, or laboratory facilities for their research; it enables a better understanding for the cultural assumptions that form the foundation of their unique research focus. While abroad, they expand their network of potential collaborators that will continue post-graduation.  In the field, students use their real world experience to advance their critical thinking skills as they navigate the full spectrum of experiences. No question, graduate students will benefit from the abroad experience and our investment can only yield positive outcomes.

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