Career Development

Faculty can play an essential role in helping students develop global competencies, which are in high demand in today’s work environment. Faculty can also provide experiences and assignments in their courses which incorporate international perspectives on career development and skills. The Career Connections Center is available to help faculty identify resources and activities for this purpose.


More Career Connections Center Resources


Employer Surveys

Employer surveys such as the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2019 Job Outlook and AAC&U Employer Research provide insight into the career-related skills that employers value the most when hiring college graduates. To find out more about the global career skills cited by employers visit:

Learning Outcomes

Student learning outcomes can incorporate and highlight global competencies through the use of specific vocabulary, which will help your students identify real-world applications for the skills they are gaining through your course.


Discover Vocabulary to Describe Global Competencies


Sample Assignments

Below is an example of a career-related assignment implemented by UF faculty.

Dr. Matthieu Felt, Assistant Professor of Japanese in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, has implemented a project where students are required to interview professionals in order to learn more about certain employment sectors in Japan. See the assignment description and rubric that he uses for this project.


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