All University of Florida faculty, staff and graduate students who are traveling abroad on University business (such as conferences, research, meetings, etc.) are required to register with the UF International Center prior to initiating travel. (Please note: Personal travel such as vacation or family visits should not be registered. If a trip combines personal and professional business, please register for the dates on which you will be conducting university business). By completing this registration, faculty, staff, and grad students will be enrolled in the CISI Emergency and Health Insurance Plan. This plan provides comprehensive health insurance with no deductible, including emergency evacuation, repatriation, travel assistance services and security coverage. This insurance is made possible with the support of the Office of the Provost, at no charge to the traveler. We would also kindly ask you to let us know if your travel plans change, so that we can remove your registration accordingly and don’t accidentally check in with you, if there is an alert in your country of destination. Finally, please do not register any travel more than 6 months in advance.

Please note that UF faculty leading study abroad programs / study tours are not eligible for this plan and will still need to obtain health insurance through our office by completing this form. Faculty on these types of programs will not need to register with the International Travel & Insurance Registry. Insurance costs for faculty on study abroad programs will be part of the program budget. Faculty on study tours that are not billed through our office will pay the regular charges.

To register an international trip online and obtain coverage, simply log on with your Gatorlink username and password and your UF directory information will be automatically displayed. Please provide emergency contact information, all cities of destination, dates and foreign site contact information, then you will be prompted to print your CISI ID Card and policy brochure.

UF’s Travel Office recommends the TripSource website as a resource to help UF faculty and staff make informed decisions concerning travel restrictions.




If you have any question, please contact Linda Gritman.

Student Group Travel & Individual Student Travel

All students traveling abroad as part of a group with a UF Medical mission or a service program, a FAB program, or any other non-credit bearing program outside the US, and all students on individual international trips will need to complete the Student Travel Registry and purchase CISI health insurance.

Please click for the Student Travel Registry.