The UF International Center is pleased to partner with Emory University on Simuvaction.  


Simulation - Innovation - Action

The SIMUVACTION project is organized under the auspices of France-Atlanta. It is an opportunity for 40 university students from across the world to actively engage, practice, and contribute to the ethical development of AI. Students, coming from different fields, universities, backgrounds, and countries will train for 6-8 weeks through a common course in which they will receive the support of professional partners.

Would you like to experience being a Head of State, Journalist, or Lobbyist? Do you want to see how YOU can impact negotiations? Would you like to draft an international level recommendation on important policy?  If so, join us for this exercise replicating a meeting of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence’s (GPAI)be ready to truly invest in your role and stand for the position of your stakeholders ! ​

After attending Zoom conferences, preparing the roles they are assigned, the students will meet in-person in Atlanta for two days of training on negotiation and the D-DAY!  they have to advance the position of the entity they represent and to successfully create an agreement that illustrates the interest of all parties involved.


Simuvaction is a unique international educational experience, coordinated by Emory University and France Atlanta.


During Simuvaction selected graduate students will prepare and participate in a meeting where other students coming from academic institutions in the US, Canada, and Europe play the roles of national delegates, stakeholders, and journalists to think collectively about one of the most challenging AI quandaries:

THEME: How can we ensure that AI does not increase disparities in climate resilience and health inequities


  1. Simuvaction will strengthen connections between academic, economic, institutional, and non-governmental organizations.
  2. AI and Healthcare expert-led conferences, contacts with the embassies of assigned delegations, coaching with real businesses and NGOs (for the journalist and lobbyist teams), are integral parts of the course and therefore, an opportunity for the colleges and communities to cross their interests, develop their networks and foresee further collaboration.


The Simuvaction exercise runs from March 15-March 19, 2024. Students will need to register for a one credit graduate special topics course for Fall semester. Application timeframe will be announced soon. Interested UF graduate students should contact the UF International Center at as soon as possible.

Please refer to Simuvaction website for requirements, timeline, benefits, objectives, and FAQ’s.


Student participation might include bus travel to and from Atlanta as well as four nights’ lodging for the in-person simulation exercise sponsored by the UF Artificial Intelligence Academic Initiative Center (AI^2) and the UF International Center.


The course will include not only the required, Emory-designed educational experience but also UF-specific components which will be tailored to the expertise and interests of the participating students. Interested UF graduate students should contact the UF International Center at as soon as possible.

To learn more, please see and stay tuned for additional announcements.

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