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Does my course need to be about a topic that is specifically international for me to include a virtual exchange project in the course?

No, pretty much any topic can be enriched by gaining different perspectives on it. Just think, how would it enhance your students’ understanding of your course topic to discuss it with peers in another country? Remember, the virtual exchange doesn’t need to be about your main course topic – it could also be tied in through a sub-theme or just one aspect of your course content.

Should the virtual exchange be throughout my entire course?

Virtual exchange can be from one week to the entire semester long, but the most common length is 4-8 weeks. You and your partner should discuss the best way to fit VE into your specific courses.

Does my partner need to be teaching a course in the same discipline as mine?

You are welcome to partner with a faculty member from another field for your VE project, and this is actually quite common. As long as both your students and theirs will be gaining something from the VE, it’s ok for the students to be gaining different things.

What if I have trouble finding a VE partner?

UF faculty can fill out the virtual exchange interest form linked below, and a member of the Office of Global Learning will be happy to help you identify partner options.


Partner Request Form for UF Faculty


Does my course need to be 100% online in order to use virtual exchange?

Virtual exchange (VE) may be incorporated into online, hybrid, or face-to-face courses. Since VE activities don’t necessarily have to be completed during class time, this offers a lot of flexibility and can be particularly helpful if your partner is in a time zone that is very different from yours.

Is there formal training on virtual exchange available at UF?

Yes, the Office of Global Learning offers a 5-week, fully online training during which participants work on the development of their own VE project and learn about the requirements for implementing a successful VE within a course that they teach regularly. UF faculty are encouraged to attend the course with their virtual exchange partners.


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Is there support available after my first virtual exchange implementation?

The Office of Global Learning offers a variety of resources for UF faculty to build on their VE experience and connect with others who are also implementing VE. Contact us to find out more!


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