John Mulligan is the Health, Safety and Global Risk Manager for the University of Florida International Center (UFIC). In this capacity, John works with other stakeholders to develop and implement best practices for health, safety, and risk management for students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally. 

Originally from Chicago, John and his family have lived in Gainesville since 2000. Prior to joining UF in 2023, John worked for the U.S. national security community with a longstanding focus on counterterrorism. He has a B.A. in English from the University of Notre Dame and an MBA from the University of Florida.  A failed accordionist, unsuccessful poet, and unintelligible linguist, John enjoys reading, music, and the stories of others.






John Mulligan

In the scope of international engagement, prioritizing safety and security remains vital. The University of Florida International Center recently hired John Mulligan to the newly developed role of Health, Safety, and Global Risk Manager. With a multifaceted role that encompasses everything from advising on research travel to ensuring the safety of study abroad activities, Mulligan's goal at UFIC is to foster safe and enriching global experiences.

Mulligan devotes time to safeguarding study-abroad activities and provides guidance on research travel. Each day presents a diverse array of challenges and tasks, ranging from immediate safety concerns to long-term strategic objectives. "Helping to ensure the safety and security of study abroad activities and advising on research travel constitute priority efforts thus far," says Mulligan. He adds, “There is always something new, which enables a lot of learning."

Mulligan leverages a valuable degree of knowledge to inform his current role. "Past experience in international travel and foreign engagement, and previous responsibility for the safety and productivity of other travelers has been a useful baseline," he notes. Having previously held responsibilities for the safety and productivity of travelers, Mulligan brings a wealth of insights and expertise to his position at UFIC.

When asked about his experience coming aboard here at UFIC, Mulligan expresses admiration for the center's camaraderie and shared dedication to supporting students, faculty, and staff. "UFIC’s excellent esprit de corps and motivation to support students, faculty and staff is impressive," he shares. "The enthusiasm for creating new learning and collaboration opportunities, the care for those international students and faculty joining the UF community, and the openness to new ideas is very energizing."

On a personal level, Mulligan finds inspiration in the challenges associated the day-to-day activities of his role, "It’s very satisfying to create conditions for success," he says. Producing effective global safety and health management strategies requires careful consideration of each destination's unique climate, culture, and context. "Changes in security situations, political stability, or even weather can change our risk assessments and mitigations for travel and program planning," Mulligan explains. While navigating shifting security situations and geopolitical landscapes can be challenging, Mulligan is driven by the knowledge that his efforts contribute to the well-being and success of UF's global community.

John has embraced his role as UFIC's Health, Safety, and Global Risk Manager with a steadfast commitment to prioritizing safety, fostering collaboration, and embracing the complexities of international engagement. Through his leadership and expertise, Mulligan will play a pivotal role in ensuring that UF remains an example of excellence in global education and research.

Thank you, John, for making a world of difference!

Story by: Terrence Funke
Photo Credit: Christina Cozart






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Health, Safety, and Global Risk Manager

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(352) 273-4439

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