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Crystal Marull Spanish & Portuguese Studies College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
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Third Party Provider: Linguameeting
Telecollaborative Language Coaching
Project Description:

Students in language courses meet virtually in small groups to practice conversation skills with native language coaches residing in Latin America or Spain.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Increased oral proficiency and improved student confidence
  • Compare and contrast cultural practices.
  • Determine the cultural interdependencies between the Latin America, Spain, and the US. 
  • Expand global perspectives on a language acquisition and daily life.
  • Develop cultural self-awareness and communicate effectively across cultures through working virtually with native speakers residing in their country of origin. 
Participating Countries:
Number of Participants:
World Languages
UF Course Code & Name:
SPN1130, SPN1131 - Beginning Spanish I , Beginning Spanish II
Project Duration:
12 Weeks
Activity Type(s):
Time allotted to each activity:
Synchronous Activities: 0.5 hours/week
Asynchronous Activities:10 hours
Individual Work: 5 hours
Technology Tools:
Videoconference: Zoom
Learning Management Systems: Canvas discussions
Message Boards/Video boards: VoiceThread
Sequence of Activities:

Student assignments fall under three categories: the digital textbook/workbook, asynchronous multi-media activities in VoiceThread, synchronous conversations via virtual exchange with native language coaches. The sequence is that students complete vocabulary and grammatical tutorials and practice in the digital textbook/workbook. Then, students complete the VoiceThread activities to develop some automaticity and spontaneous response ability with open-ended prompts. Finally, student schedule their 30-minute live session with the coaches to practice conversation in real time. After completing the sequence, student provide a weekly reflection in a discussion post.