The UF/CEU Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL), a virtual exchange pilot for staff that started in February culminated last month. This inspiring 8-week program and the first staff virtual exchange project, gave nine UF staff a global perspective of each of their professional fields through international virtual collaboration, innovation, engagement, and personal growth.

The UF group is now looking forward to hosting the CEU Cardenal Herrera University cohort at the University of Florida campus very soon for the second phase of this project.

Participants in CEU (Valencia) and UF (Gainesville) engaged in facilitated conversations and compared and contrasted their job responsibilities and experiences with their counterparts and developed an online collaborative project aimed at improving some aspect within their respective areas of responsibility on campus.

UFandCEU participantsFINAL

Congratulations to all UF COIL for Staff graduates and facilitators!

  • Sebastian Rodriguez, UFIC
  • Yanina Morero, UFIC
  • Jennifer North, UFIC
  • Tate Quiñones, ELI
  • Zully Rivera, Counseling and Wellness Center
  • Patricia Alba, Human Resources
  • Abel Gilbert, College of Dentistry (Admissions)
  • Mabel Cardec, UFIC
  • Paloma Rodriguez, UFIC Facilitator

For more information about COIL/virtual exchange at UF and future COIL for Staff opportunities please contact Paloma Rodriguez or visit