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Sylvia Gethicker UF CJC Online College of Journalism and Communications
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Sydney Pereira School of Business Conestoga College
Optimizing Social Media for Government Nonprofit Events
Project Description:

One of the top focal areas for both nonprofit and government agencies is attending or hosting local, regional, national, or international small or large-scale events. Before, during and after communications surrounding these events can be a time-consuming proposition. This Canada/US international virtual exchange experience is designed to discuss and share common non-for-profit practices for organizations to successfully promote events, enagage attendees onsite, and afterwards continuously nurture connections with target audience attendees. Event apps will also be at the forefront in providing the best communications experience for event attendees in various scenarios. 

Learning Outcomes:

University of Florida (UF) and Conestoga College (CC)


CC- Enhance Social Media Platform Expertise 

CC- Enhance Social Media Business application insights 

UF- Before, during and after event communications expertise primarily using social and digital media

UF- Nonprofit and Government event communications and marketing expertise. 


  • Identify cultural and technical characteristics of "events" across geo-locations cultures and genres. 
  • Understand interrrelationships between social media, cultural contexts and audiences. 
  • Develop cultural self-awareness and demonstrate the ability to communicate effectively with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. 
  • Increase technical and online communication skills with students of different cultures. 
Participating Countries:
Number of Participants:
Mass Communication
UF Course Code & Name:
MMC6639 - Nonprofit and Government Communications
Project Duration:
3 weeks
Activity Type(s):
Student-to-Student Dialogue
Time allotted to each activity:
Asynchronous Activities: 1 hour per week
Synchronous Activities: 1 hour per week
Technology Tools:
Microsoft Outlook
Google Docs
Sequence of Activities:

Through a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous activities, students will collaborate to discuss and share common practices for non-for-profit organizations when holding and advertising events. Conestoga students will contribute recommendations for an Event Mobile App to assist UF students in designing a strategic communications and marketing plan for a non-profit event.

Sequence of Activities: