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Diba Mani Department of Applied Physiology & Kinesiology College of Health and Human Performance
Partner Faculty Department Partner Institution
Various researchers around the world
Internationalization in Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise
Project Description:
Learning Outcomes:
  • Content: Students identify, describe, and explain global and intercultural conditions and interdependencies, developing and expanding global perspectives.
  • Critical thinking: Students analyze and interpret global and intercultural issues, comparing and contrasting higher education (i.e. enrollment, research ethics and funding, government impact) abroad in different countries and the United States.
  • Communication: Students develop self-awareness and communicate effectively across cultures.
Participating Countries:
Number of Participants:
100 UF students and 25 researchers in multiple countries
Applied Physiology & Kinesiology
UF Course Code & Name:
APK 4115 - Neuromuscular Aspects of Exercise
Project Duration:
Semester-long (currently offered Fall, Spring)
Activity Type(s):
Virtual Guest Speaker
Time allotted to each activity:
Synchronous Activities: 0.5 hour (actual interview)
Asynchronous Activities: 1 hour (interview preparation with group, emailing researcher)
Local group activities: 2 hour (practice with group, discussion with group)
Individual Work: 10 hours (reading article, preparing slides, connecting to class content)
Technology Tools:
Other: Powerpoint
Sequence of Activities:

1. Lecture on effective presentations, scientific article interpretation, slide design, internationalization and examples, preview survey.
2. Given group assignment and paper, as well as contact information of researcher.
3. Students read paper, develop questions on the paper.
4. Students learn about country of origin of researcher, develop questions on culture and academia abroad.
5. Group contacts researcher, schedules videoconference.
6. Videoconference with researcher.
7. Finalize slides. Upload interview (typed up script, Q/A, video, audio, screenshot) to Canvas for class perusal.
8. Give live presentation to class. Some invite researcher to attend (when virtual presentations as with COVID-19 in SP 20).