UF Faculty Department College
Sharon DiFino Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences College of Public Health and Health Professions
Partner Faculty Department Partner Institution
Mary-Pat O'Malley Health Sciences University of Galway
International Perspectives on Culturally Responsive Care as Evidence-based Care
Project Description:

This virtual exchange brought together aspiring speech-language pathologists from the University of Florida and the University of Galway in Ireland for an examination of cultural competence in their chosen profession and some lively discussion on the similarities and differences between the two countries and their people. The faculty both wove coursework focused on strategies for delivering culturally responsive care into their curriculum, including selected readings, self-reflection activities and use of Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of National Culture Theory and Country Comparison Tool. The virtual exchange culminated in a live, virtual session between the UF and Galway classes.

For more information about the project and partnering professors visit this link.

Learning Outcomes:

Knowledge: Increase in cultural views, dimensions of national culture, increase in self-awareness

Attitudes: Cultural empathy, curiosity, humility, compassion

Skills: Cultural competency, effective communication with diverse populations, problem solving in a team

Participating Countries:
Number of Participants:
47 UF students and 32 University of Galway students
Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
UF Course Code & Name:
SPA 4250 - Introduction to Speech Disorders
Project Duration:
4 weeks including assignment, readings, and lectures preparing for the asynchronous and synchronous sessions
Activity Type(s):
Student-to-Student Dialogue
Time allotted to each activity:
Synchronous Activities: 2 hours per week
Asynchronous Activities: 2 hours per week
Technology Tools:
Dateful Time Zone Converter
MS Teams
Sequence of Activities:


"Where in the world" icebreaker 

Engagement Activity:

 Students were engaged collectively and in small groups for breakout room discussions. They also used the chat feature in zoom.

Collaboration Activity: 

VE partners collaborated on readings, videos, and self-reflection tools addressing culturally responsive care regarding speech sound disorders, bilingualism, and multi-cultural patients. The desired outcome was:

Deep discussions that yielded different perspectives, attitudes on approaching patients in a culturally responsive/sensitive manner. Empathy and compassion for the other. Teamwork and sharing of ideas/thoughts

Sequence of Activities: