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Jessica Steele Department of Agricultural Education and Communication College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
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Environment and Agriculture in Costa Rica
Project Description:

This six-week online course explores varies topic areas related to the environment and agriculture in Costa Rica. This course is based on a week-long study abroad trip in Costa Rica where different trips were taken and documented which the online course explores more deeply.

Learning Outcomes:
  • ┬áCompare and contrast different agricultural and environmental practices in Costa Rica
  • Expand global perspectives on how environmental and agricultural practices are managed in Costa Rica
Participating Countries:
Costa Rica
Number of Participants:
Agriculture and Life Sciences
UF Course Code & Name:
AEC 4932 - An Intercultural Exploration of Agriculture and Life
Project Duration:
6 weeks
Activity Type(s):
Virtual Mobility
Time allotted to each activity:
Individual Work: 18 hours
Technology Tools:
Learning Management Systems (LMS): Canvas