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Megan Mocko Information Systems and Operations Management Dept. Warrington College of Business
Partner Faculty Department Partner Institution
, , Ricardo Lopez
Lee Fawcett
Yuli Paola Gomez Bravo
Carlos Gomez
College of Science and Engineering
School of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics
Department of Finance and Accounting
Augary Strategic Software Alliance
University San Francisco de Quito
Newcastle University
Universidad del Norte
Baker Hughes
Data Ethics, Company Valuation, and International Business Speaker
Project Description:

Because the size of this UF course is so large, Professor Mocko offers her students a choice of four different international activities. Her students may choose to participate in any one of the four projects described below, which are each carried out with a different international partner and all happen within the same semester.

Project 1: Data Ethics-This project involves a mixture of synchronous and asynchronous activities, in which students read about data ethics and then defend their opinions on whether or not data was used ethically in a specific case.

Project 2: Data Ethics- In this assignment, students interact asynchronously to discuss data ethics.

Project 3: Company Valuation- In this activity, students compare the company valuations between a U.S. and a Colombian company.

Project 4: Speaker from International Business-The students listen to a presentation by an international businessman who works with data. After the lecture, the students pick a topic discussed in the lecture to investigate a little further. 

Learning Outcomes:

Project 2: Data Ethics

The students can discuss different aspects of data privacy.

Project 3: Company Valuation 

Objective: Promote intercultural exchange.

Specific objective: Estimate a correlation coefficient of the relationship between company stock returns and market portfolio returns from two different markets, Colombia and U.S.

Project 4: Speaker from International Business 

The students will be able to describe the use of data to make decisions in an international business.

Participating Countries:
Colombia, Ecuador, United Kingdom
Number of Participants:
140 UF students, 40 students in Ecuador, 83 students in Colombia, 8 students in UK
UF Course Code & Name:
QMB3250 - Statistics for Business Decisions
Project Duration:
2-4 weeks
Activity Type(s):
Student-to-Student Dialogue
Student-to-Student Project
Virtual Guest Speaker
Time allotted to each activity:
Project 1: 1 hour of synchronous and 1 hour of asynchronous activities per week
Project 2: 1 hour of individual work and 1 hour of asynchronous activities per week
Project 3: 1 hour of synchronous and 1 hour of asynchronous activities per week
Project 4: 1 hour of synchronous and 2 hours of asynchronous activities per week
Technology Tools:
Project 1: Zoom, Google Slides
Project 2: Flip.com, Google Docs
Project 3: Microsoft Teams, Miro, Flip.com
Project 4: Zoom, Playposit, Canvas

Sequence of Activities: