UF Faculty Department College
Megan Mocko Information Systems and Operations Management Dept. Warrington College of Business
Partner Faculty Department Partner Institution
Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel School of Mathematics University of Edinburgh
Comparative Study of Survey Design and Visualizations
Project Description:

This project involved graduate students in the Warrington College of Business and undergraduate students at the University of Edinburgh. The project lasted for two weeks. For the first week the students wrote a survey objective about either work happiness or study happiness. They then followed this up with three survey questions. For the second week, students create a visualization from the same set of data. After both experiences entered their responses into a google document and asked to make comparisons. Students were also given the option to meet in a Zoom session to discuss these concepts with the students at the other university.


Learning Outcomes:
  • After the first stage of the VE, the student will be able to
    • define the term construct and variable
    • state desirable properties for survey questions
    • write survey questions to measure the previously defined construct
    • critique survey questions
    • compare international styles in survey construction
  • After the second stage of the VE, the student will be able to
    • State properties of good visualizations.
    • Create visualizations using a statistical software.
    • Assess the effectiveness of visualizations.
    • International awareness of preferences.
    • compare international styles in visualizations
Participating Countries:
United Kingdom
Number of Participants:
63 UF students and 15 students from the partner institution
UF Course Code & Name:
QMB 5304 - Introduction to Managerial Statistics
Project Duration:
2 weeks
Activity Type(s):
Student-to-Student Dialogue
Time allotted to each activity:
Synchronous Activities: 2 hour
Asynchronous Activities:1 hour
Technology Tools:
Videoconference: Zoom
Collaborative Authoring Platforms: Google Docs

Sequence of Activities: