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Misti Sharp Food and Resource Economics Department College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
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Marija Cerjak Department of Marketing in Agriculture University of Zagreb
Agritourism in Croatia and the United States
Project Description:

Students in the US and Croatia will learn about agritourism in each setting, comparing and contrasting the types of agritourism operations, the role of agritourism in society, and agricultural systems. Students will collaborate on agricultural tourism factsheets and case studies. Through this virtual exchange, students will get experience communicating and collaborating with people from other cultures to better understand their own cultures and ways of doing things.

Learning Outcomes:

● Compare rural tourism in the US and Croatia

● Apply marketing techniques for use by rural tourism operators.

● Assess a rural tourism operation in terms of its offering.

● Compare Floridian agriculture to Croatian agriculture in terms of technology, size, and resiliency.

● Create business possibilities in rural areas (maintenance of a rural way of life).

● Articulate the impacts of globalization on rural areas.

● Discuss agricultural policies and their impacts on rural areas.

● Reflect on previous assumptions about US and Croatian systems.

● Discuss the marketing of rural tourism.

● Increase intercultural communication proficiency.

● Gain proficiency with digital communication and collaboration.

Participating Countries:
Number of Participants:
11 UF students; 15 University of Zagreb students
Agriculture and Life Sciences
UF Course Code & Name:
IDS2935 - Agritourism and Food Systems
Project Duration:
6 weeks
Activity Type(s):
Student-to-Student Dialogue
Student-to-Student Project
Time allotted to each activity:
Technology Tools:
Google Suite (slides, docs, etc.)
GoPro Quik (to produce .mp4 files)

Sequence of Activities: