Friday, January 27, 2023 - 3:30pm
Smather's Library, Rm. 100


Join us as we host Cuban photographer Jorge J. Perez for a presentation on his project photographing every José Martí statue in the world: "Legacy in Stone." Mr. Perez's visit coincides with the 170th anniversary of José Martí's birth. As a part of his visit, he will photograph the Center's Martí bust to include in the collection.

"Since the United States is very important in the history of Martí where he lived for 15 years of his exile, also for the Cuban community and personally, as a Cuban immigrant, in the personal search for my own identity, I try to locate and portray these spaces created and preserved by the Cuban diaspora. Legacy in Stone, is a portrait project, with the main objective of documenting monuments and busts of Martí that in turn symbolize Cuba on foreign soil." Read the full artist's statement here

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