Check-in is a mandatory process for all J-1 exchange visitors, per the U.S. Department of State.

Please read the following information carefully to understand the main campus and long distance check-in processes.

NOTE: Exchange visitors who transfer their current J-1 status to the University of Florida (UF) from another U.S. institution are still required to complete a check-in at UF within 15 days of the transfer date.

However, their UF-issued Form DS-2019 cannot be created until their SEVIS transfer/release date and after the visitor attends mandatory J-1 orientation. EVS will email exchange visitors and their UF host departments to confirm once the UF-issued Form DS-2019 is processed.

J-1 Exchange Visitor Check-In Process

Once an incoming exchange visitor’s Form DS-2019 is processed and issued, they will receive an email with check-in instructions. It will explain how to begin the two-part process:

  • Part 1: Complete online check-in application
  • Part 2: Attend mandatory check-in orientation at the UF International Center

The entire process must be completed no later than 30 days after the start date printed on the Form DS-2019.  We highly recommend all exchange visitors complete both parts as soon as possible to avoid unexpected processing delays.

Part 1: Online Check-In Application

This process includes document submission, required readings, and signature forms.

Exchange visitors must prepare the following documents for themselves and any J-2 dependents:

  • Form DS-2019
  • Passport biographic information page
  • J visa
  • U.S. Port of Entry stamp OR I-94 record
  • Proof of insurance (click to review requirements)

The check-in application must be completed, submitted, and approved before exchange visitors are eligible to attend the check-in orientation. Once an application is approved, EVS will email exchange visitors confirmation and further instructions.

You must click “submit” at the top of the page to complete your application!

Your application must be approved before you can attend a check-in orientation session.


Online Check-In Application


Part 2: Check-In Orientation

This process includes an informational presentation and question-and-answer period.

Once the exchange visitor’s online application is approved, EVS will email them an invitation with instructions on how to complete their orientation session.

Read the email carefully to confirm dates and times. If an exchange visitor is more than 15 minutes late, they must reschedule and attend a different session.

Please allow for at least one (1) hour for the orientation session. The presentation itself lasts approximately 45 minutes, while the question-and-answer period depends on the size and needs of the group. To help avoid any delays, we recommend arriving at least 15 minutes early.

After orientation, the exchange visitor’s SEVIS record will be validated. Typically, this process takes 3-5 business days.

Attendance is mandatory for all J-1 exchange visitors.

Attendance is not mandatory for any J-2 exchange visitors, but it is highly encouraged.