Join us for the following workshops to learn more about navigating the international research process.

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Workshop Schedule

International Center (Suite 145) | 9-11am

January 17, 2020 Finding Funding to Support International Research

  • Learn about international funding opportunities with U.S. federal and non-federal agencies, foreign entities, and private foundations).

January 31, 2020 The Administrative Process for Preparing Proposals to Support International Research

  • Deconstructing the call for proposals and how to decide whether to apply for a grant. The Office of Research will present an overview of the UF research administration process.

February 14, 2020  Navigating the IRB, Export Controls, International Permits and Other Bureaucratic Hurdles

  • The big picture of international compliance and regulations. It’s a little complicated.

March 13, 2020 Engaging Students and Internationalizing the Curriculum, Study Abroad, Experiential Learning and More

  • How do we engage students in international research, and can we use the student international experience to internationalize the curricula?

March 27, 2020  Formal Partnerships and Agreements

  • The how to’s of building international partnerships and preparing contracts and MOU’s.
  • Fostering successful international collaborative relationships and partnerships.

April 10, 2020  Broader Impacts – Measuring Scientific Merit and Impact on Society, Education, and Outreach

  • Tips on writing broader impact statements that define target outcomes – societal, scientific, and educational.
  • Strategies for evaluating and measuring the scope of broader impacts.